What Does Beta Mean?

"Beta" means that we can't guarantee everything will work as it should at the moment. Some things may look unfinished and some features may not exist. You may encounter "Page Not Found" and other error pages. The site will be updated daily with fixes and alterations, so some experiences may be inconsistent.

How To Help.

If you would like to help us, whenever you find some part of the site that does not work as you believe it should (or even if you would like to suggest a new feature or alteration!), drop us a line using the contact page to let us know. Please be sure you provide us with enough information to re-produce the error, i.e.:

  • Your Operating System and version (ie. Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.7, Linux, iPad?).
  • The internet browser name and version number you are using.
  • The page or url where you discovered the error.
  • A brief description of what you were doing when you encountered the error.
With your help, hopefully we can make MediaBox into a great service which will meet all of your media related needs.

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