MediaBox is a new development for schools in the Neath Port Talbot area. We want to provide you with a way to share all sorts of media files (videos, photos and audio files) with fellow colleagues, pupils, parents and the general public. We also decided to add lots of different ways for you to categorise, tag and ultimately find the particular type of media you are looking for.

We added some fun features in for good measure too. In addition to viewing media files, you can add files to favourites - useful if you want to have instant access to a file later, create playlists of media files and allow social interaction with the files such as ‘liking’, commenting and recording the number of plays or views your media file has.

One of the big drives for this project has been to minimise the amount of duplicated media on the network. Some people tend to find a media resource and share it with colleagues by sending them a copy who then also send their colleagues a copy. This results in the same file appearing multiple times in different places on Tagging the network. These files are often not compressed very well and take up a lot of space.

MediaBox will take the hard work out of sharing these files. As soon as you upload a file to the MediaBox website, we use some server magic to compress the file and detect any duplicates. The file is then made available on the website for you to share the link or even embed the file inside another website.

We have also developed a method for embedding files in the NPTLG website which is tied directly into your MediaBox account. Any files you upload, add as favourite or add to a playlist can be easily accessed and embedded in the learning gateway using our custom embed interface.


Welcome Pack

We've developed a welcome pack to introduce you to some of the main features that MediaBox provides. You can download a PDF version of this welcome pack below. (You can click the image to view it in your browser or right click it to get options to download.)

Welcome Pack