Before you can embed any media into your schoolÕs website, it must be uploaded to MediaBox. Once your media has been uploaded to MediaBox, follow the instructions below on how to embed these files into your schoolÕs website.

  • Navigate to the NPTLG at
  • Navigate to your site‘s homepage (you may wish to save this address to your Favourites for future ease of use) and Sign In.
  • Navigate to the page on your school site in which you wish to embed your media ie video, photo or audio file.
  • With the page displayed, choose Site Actions | Edit Page.
  • Position the cursor on the page exactly where you wish the media to be displayed.
  • Within Editing Tools (at the top of the page), click on Insert to display this ribbon:
  • Click on the Embed MediaBox button.
  • The Embed MediaBox Item web part will be inserted into the page. Click on the Save and Close button.

    Note: It is important that you save the page at this stage in the process as the system is very slow if you try to choose your media before saving and closing the page.
  • Within the MediaBox web part you can:
    • Go straight to My Videos, My Audio, My Photos or My Favourites
      • Click on to view the required media ie MY VIDEOS, MY AUDIO, MY PHOTOS, MY FAVOURTIES
      • All the media you have uploaded into these areas will be available.
    • Search ALL of Mediabox for relevant media:
      • Click in the Search box, type a keyword eg. flower and click on the Go button.
        The filter box below the search box indicates the area in MediaBox that is being searched eg Videos. Click on the area that you wish to search ie VIDEOS, AUDIO, PHOTOS.
      • any relevant media found will then be displayed.
  • Once you have located the media file that you wish to embed into the page, click on it to Select.

Remember: The permissions you set at the time of uploading the file to MediaBox will determine who will be able to view this media. If you want pupils, parents and the general public to view the media files on your school‘s external website they must be made PUBLIC. If you get the following message, the file has not been made PUBLIC.


Delete an Embedded Media File

  • Sign in, navigate to the page and choose Site Actions | Edit Page.
  • Hover the mouse pointer over the web part, click on the drop down arrow (on right) and click Delete.